WiFi or Wireless Penetration Testing is the task of targeting and attempting to discover any possible vulnerability or any weak configuration within the Wireless environment of the organization.

Regular Penetration Testing is commonly performed through the web, leveraging the surface of online services such as external IPs, web Applications, online servers and other protocols. If an organization has a small online footprint, it does not mean they are not vulnerable to an attack, since malicious attackers can be persistent with their targets and determined to figure out an entry point into the network, such as the organization’s WiFi.

By performing the WiFi Penetration Testing, here at Red Team we can assess if the wireless environment of your organization is secure, or if it is vulnerable to WiFi password cracking, we would also check for any possible rogue access points you may not be aware of, and at the same time determine if your current security measures are capable of detecting any new rogue access points in the wireless range of your organization.

Proper WiFi Security measures are items that all organizations should establish and maintain. Frequent security audits, logs, detection, strong passwords, proper network segmentation are just a few of the many items that all organizations should consider and establish when it comes to WiFi security.