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Simulating real world threat actors, we take upon the task of testing your enterprise’s overall security, not just your IT. We perform rigorous Red Teaming engagements against your enterprise, which allows us to effectively target and put to test your enterprise’s Physical, Social, and Cyber Security measures that are currently in place.

Offensive Security - Red Team
About Us

About Us

Founded and located in the heart of Pembroke Pines, Florida. We have been providing Red Team engagements since 2017, where we incorporate the offensive side of security by emulating real threat adversaries in order to test the resiliency of your current cybersecurity posture, the human element of your security, and the physical security barriers of your enterprise. Our goal is to help people and organizations detect vulnerabilities so they can rebuild and achieve a more robust security for their enterprise.

We are a team of professionals, each passionate about security in many different ways, and always at the forefront of cybersecurity and technology. We love to attend infosec conferences and we also volunteer in activities of the same nature, with the pleasure of always giving back to the community.



Physical Covert Entry

Red Team operators emulate real attack scenarios, where a malicious attacker would try to gain cyber or physical access to unauthorized systems or information.

Red Team specializes in physical covert entry, assessing the all the physical security measures you currently have in place.

Wi-Fi Security

Wi-Fi security assessments performed by a Red Team can help determine how secure the Wi-Fi of your organization is.

Wi-Fi Auditing is critical to discover any potential security vulnerabilities that exist in your business’s wireless network.

Social Engineering

Red Team takes the security testing to a completely different level by utilizing social engineering techniques.

By surveilling and analyzing the target’s environment, Red Team operators would attempt to blend in with the business environment and infiltrate your enterprise facilities.

Vulnerability Scanning

A vulnerability scan is a process of scanning, auditing and reviewing a network or applications, in search for security vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability scanning is one of the entry step assessments which any business and enterprise should be performing on a routinely basis.

Ethical Hacking

A penetration test, also known as ethical hacking, is a simulated attack against the network to discover any exploitable vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing can be performed against external networks, internal networks, web applications, databases, and more.


Along with Social Engineering, phishing is one of the most common techniques utilized by malicious attackers against any organization.

Organizations must perform routinely phishing assessments against employees, and educating users with phishing awareness training.
Our executive team

Our executive team

David Probinsky

Founder & CEO

Emely SÁnchez

UX|UI & Chief Design Officer

Darnell Ho-Koon

Chief Strategy Officer
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Contact Us

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